Week-Long Programs

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  • Aquatics Fun Camps, One-Week, grades 2-7

    Kids are provided the opportunity to learn and enhance their aquatics skills and fitness through a variety pool and dryland activities including swimming for fitness, stroke/swim race development, modified water polo, synchronized swimming and other pool games. Swimmers participate in pool practice and out of water activities. Swimmers are tested and grouped according to their skill level.
    Program participants, minimally, should be able to float on their back and stomach, go underwater comfortably and hold their breath for at least 10 seconds, and swim freestyle 25 yards and backstroke 10-15 yards.
    Water Activities Include:
    Swimming Skills
    Swim technique
    Stroke refinement
    Sculling (for the more advanced)
    Treading water
    Flip turns (for the more advanced)
    Start/racing dives (for the more advanced)
    Introduction to Water Polo Includes:
    Basic ball handling
    Individual defensive skills
    Splash Ball games
    Pool Games & Competitions
    Dry Land Activities Include:
    Viewing swim meet and competition recordings
    Coordinator: Larry Zubrin, Crossroads Aquatics
    Course #: 326

    Section 16: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $650
    Section 46: 7/29-8/2/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $650
    Section 56: 8/5-8/9/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $650
  • Barcelona Beach Party: An Adventure in Spanish Language and Art, One-Week, grades 1-5 [NEW]

    In this new Visual Arts and Spanish Language Program, students are magically transported through our themed-activities to the sandy beaches of Barcelona. Students plan a beach party and design all elements of the party including invitations, decorations and  sculptures. Spanish language is woven throughout each activity and students are inspired by Spanish culture. Students explore their artistic creativity and develop new skills in drawing, printing, sculpture and ceramics.

    Instructor: Keely Collins, Crossroads Summer Faculty

    Course #: 304
    Section 16: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $550
  • Basketball Camps, One-Week, grades 3-8

    Crossroads Basketball Camp is aimed at teaching kids about the game of basketball! Campers are grouped according to their ability level. They learn rules and regulations as well as tips and techniques to play the game more competitively and effectively. Our focus is on footwork, aggressiveness, mentality, and all around offensive skills including ball handling and shooting. Our nurturing environment provides an avenue for kids to really feel eager to learn and focus on the instruction which helps them excel and be successful both on and off the court. This program is held at our Norton Campus and Gym.
    This program is led by Anthony Davis, Crossroads Head Coach, Boys Varsity Basketball and the Coaching Staff.
    Course #: 315
    Section 16: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $595
    Section 46: 7/29-8/2/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $595
  • Biotech Intensive, One-Week, grades 9-12 [CANCELED]

    This course has been CANCELED.

    The course allows students to use biotechnology to learn about genetics, solve problems, and discuss bioethical issues.  Students also gain experience using basic biotechnology research techniques such as sterile technique, micropipette, gel electrophoresis, and bioinformatics. 

    Instructor: Edward Peebles-Maxwell, Crossroads Faculty
    Course #: 783 
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 12:30-3:30 $350
  • Ceramics Sculpture Intensive, One-Week, grades 6-12 [NEW]

    Section 11 of this course has been [SOLD OUT]
    Section 12 of this course has been [CANCELED]

    While we use ceramics everyday to drink out of, munch off of, and cook with; this material offers even wider and wilder options as a sculptural material. Learn the basics of slab building to create geometric hollow objects. Discuss the difference of additive and subtractive techniques to approach sculpture from multiple directions. Finally we will consider the role of figurative sculpture in ceramics, and how it differs and converges with larger conversations of historic and contemporary sculpture. Our goal is to finish three pieces using different building techniques. This class is suitable for any student excited by art, and ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into and explore new techniques.

    Instructor: Elyse Jung-Vrymoed '06, Crossroads Faculty

    Course #794
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $400 [SOLD OUT]
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 12:30-3:30 $400 [CANCELED]
  • Cheer Camp, One-Week grades 6-12 [NEW] [CANCELED]

    This course has been CANCELED.

    In this new one-week half-day program, students learn the basics of sports and the importance of school spirit. Participants learn cheer motions and how to develop sideline chants. They also learn jumps, kick and tricks to bring energy to a crowd. Band dances and short time out segments are taught and participants have the opportunity to use their creative minds to develop their own cheers and sideline dance routines.

    Instructor: Ashley Nitzel, Crossroads, Athletic Training Staff

    Course # 846
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-12:30 $350
  • Cinema in LA This Summer, One-Week, grades 9-12 [NEW]

    This class has been combined with the morning "Directing for Film", #795-11.

    For the young cinephile! Experience the essentials of cinema culture in Los Angeles though field trips, screenings, guest speakers, and making your very own short film. Students will view, analyze, and discuss important films from around the world. Through this fun and exciting workshop, students will strengthen their voice and develop a deeper understanding of the power of cinema. Special film topics include Feminist Filmmaking, Comedy, the Art of Acting, Classic Hollywood, Black Cinema, and Horror Movies. DLSR cameras, accessories, and sound equipment will be provided.
    Field Trips – Special trips to film archives, production studios, acting studios, projection booths, historic locations, and more.
    Guest Speakers – Historians and Industry professionals will share their experiences.
    Film Screenings – at historic movie theaters across the city.
    Special Screening Ceremony  – The course ends with a special screening night, complete with a filmmaker Q&A, open to family and friends.

    Instructor: Molly Hansen, Crossroads Facutly

    Course #: 796
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 12:30-3:30 $350
  • Cooking Camps with The Gourmandise School, One-Week, grades 6-9 [SOLD OUT]

    This course has been SOLD OUT.

    Crossroads is excited to partner again with the Gourmandise Cooking School.  The Gourmandise School offers hands-on cooking classes Santa Monica. These week-long camps will focus on teaching classic techniques and to teach students how to create whole meals from of locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.
    Each section of the one-week camp is limited to 16 students.  The menu for the a.m. section and the p.m. section is the same.  Students are only permitted to enroll in one section of this camps.

    Sample menus Include:
    THE TACO TRUCK – homemade tortillas, carne asada, pico de gallo, crema
    THAI STREET FOOD – mango sticky rice, chicken satay, Thai cucumber relish
    MEDITERRANEAN CLASSICS – falafel, pita bread, tahini sauce, hummus
    ITALIAN! – Fresh pasta, house made ricotta, pesto
    JAPANESE – Perfect sushi rice, California rolls, salmon rolls
    Instructor: Provided by Gourmandise School and Crossroads Staff

    Course #: 771
    Section 11: 6/17–6/21/2019  M-F 9:00–12:00 $400
    Section 12: 6/17–6/21/2019  M-F 12:30-3:30  $400

    The shared kitchen space used to teach this class might have contact with ingredients which contain the most common food allergens. They include, but are not limited to eggs, gluten, fish, sesame seeds, nuts, and soy. If your child has any known allergies or intolerances, please be aware that although efforts to ensure proper food and beverage handling, there is always a risk of cross contamination. Food items used to make meals may have been processed where nuts were present.
  • Dance Intensive, One-Week, grades 2-6

    This dance intensive is a training and performance program that emphasizes the technical rigor of dance, while participating in the choreographic process. Throughout our training, rehearsal and performance experiences we stress creative values, rehearsal ethics and collaborative support among performers. 
    Dancers take class and learn choreography in Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary dance styles, with a visual art component. Each day begins and ends as a large group, engaging in community-based warm-ups, council and games. The week culminates in a performance on Friday.
    Sample Daily Schedule:
    8:30 Drop Off 
    9:00 Bus from Norton to 21st Street Campus
    9:10 Welcome & Warm-Up
    9:30-10:25 Jazz Dance
    10:25-10:40 Snack
    10:45-11:40 Acrobatics
    11:40-12:25 Lunch 
    12:30-12:45 Community Building 
    12:50-1:45 Art class
    1:50-2:45 Contemporary Dance
    2:50-3:00 Community Sharing 
    3:00-3:15 Bus from 21st Street to Norton Campus
    3:30 Pick Up 

    Drop-off and pick-up is at our Norton Campus. *After drop-off and before pick-up, students will be bussed to and from the 21st Street Campus.

    Extended Care is available at Norton from 8:00a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    The week culminates in a performance on Friday.
    Instructors: Chippy Wassung and Sophia Stoller, Crossroads Dance Faculty
    Course #: 310
    Section 46: 7/29-8/2/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $595
  • Directing for Film, One-Week, grades 9-12 [NEW]

    This filmmaking workshop defines and develops the tools necessary for directing magical cinematic performances. Through scene analysis, students will learn how to break down the dramatic structure of a screenplay. They will then explore the choices and vocabulary needed for working with actors as a director. In small groups, student will begin rehearsing their scripts allowing for discovery and experimentation. Finally, each student will direct their own short film showcasing performance in film. The course ends with a special screening night, complete with a filmmaker Q&A, open to family and friends.

    Instructor: Molly Hansen, Crossroads Faculty

    Course #: 795
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
  • DJ Workshop, grades 6-8 and 9-12 [NEW]

    Learn the fundamentals of DJing along with its history, culture, and theory in this 5-day class. Students format and organize their music library and create playlists in preparation for mixing using Pioneer’s CDJs and Rekordbox software, the industry standard. Students learn the origins of DJing and the genres/sub-genres of dance music, with each student researching and presenting one for the class. We also cover basic music theory and beatmatching, utilizing their math and critical thinking skills. Students develop their performance skills as they compile and practice mixing a DJ set, culminating in a final “show” performed for their classmates and recorded. Students work at their own pace and all levels of experience in music are welcome.

    Students must bring their own headphones (wired, no bluetooth), laptop preferred.

    Instructor: Bianca Bracho-Perez '02, Crossroads Summer Faculty

    Course #: 789

    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00 - 12:00 $350; grades 6-8
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 12:30 - 3:30 $350; grades 9-12 [CANCELED]
    Section 41: 7/29-8/2/2019  M-F 9:00 - 12:00 $350; grades 6-8 [CANCELED]
    Section 42: 7/29-8/2/2019 M-F 12:30 - 3:30 $350; grades 9-12 [CANCELED]
  • Drawing Intensive, One-Week, grades 6-12 [NEW]

    Drawing is a way of showing and developing visual thinking, and is the most direct means of expression in art. In this 5-day intensive class we will focus on the Western observational tradition of drawing as well as explore approaches from other world cultures, past and present. It is a studio class in which each day we will delve into different methods of drawing and different media. Students will also spend time looking at their own, and each other’s work in a critical, but nurturing manner; with the goal to create a confident vocabulary for evaluating their creations.

    All skill levels are welcome. Come excited to learn, experiment, share, and to see!

    Day 1: Pencil. Line drawing. Portraiture

    Day 2: Charcoal. Tonal work with still-lifes

    Day 3: Ink and white paint- a painterly approach to drawing. Still-life and landscape

    Day 4 :Collage and experimental tools. Discussion of conceptual work, art from non-Western traditions, personal expression.

    Day 5: Final Project: artist’s choice of materials and subject matter. Larger scale work.
    Final Critique

    Instructor: Susan Arena, Crossroads Faculty

    Course #: 793
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21-2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21-2019 M-F 12:30-3:30 $350
  • Extended Care, grades 1-5

    In the morning children are supervised in an enclosed play area while waiting for morning programs to begin.
    In the afternoon, children enjoy inside activities like reading, games, and fort-building or outside playground activities like basketball, jump rope, or handball. Children of all ages gather together at this highly social time of the day and are supported and encouraged by our staff to develop friendships, resolve conflicts, and play or relax. A snack is provided, daily.

    School is closed Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5.

    The Summer at Crossroads 5-week session ends at 11:30am on Friday, July 26, 2019. If your child is enrolled in an afternoon Kindergarten, Camp, or Musical Theater program, there is no charge for Extended Care on this day between 11:30am and 3:15pm. Our "Mary Poppins" Movie Bash wraps up our 5-weeks together. This special end-of-program afternoon concludes at 3:15pm and all students must be picked-up by 3:30pm. Students enrolled in Private Swim Lessons must be picked-up at the end of their lesson at the pool.

    Students enrolled in Private Swim Lessons will not be charged for Extended Care usage before or after Swim Lessons on that day.
    Coordinator: Ashley Nissim Bloom, Crossroads Faculty 
    Staff: K-5 Summer Programs Staff 
    Course #: 499 
    $15 per day, for any portion of time children are supervised in Extended Care 
    June 17 to 21, 2019 - (during one-week camps) Monday-Friday; any amount of time between 8:00-9:00am and 3:30-5:30pm.

    June 24 to July 26, 2019 - Monday-Friday; There is no charge for any amount of time needed for care between 8:00am until 8:20am. 

    June 24 to July 25, 2019 - Monday thru Friday; any amount of time between 3:30-5:30pm.
    July 29 to August 2 and August 5-9, (during one-week camps) Monday-Friday; any amount of time between 8:00-9:00am and 3:30-5:30pm. 

    *August 12 to 16 - there is no extended care for this week of program. 

    Extended Care ends at 5:30pm 
    There is a $5.00 per minute fee for all students who are picked up late. Continued late pickups will result in the loss of privileges for the use of Extended Care and can also result in the loss of being able to continue enrollment in our programs. 
    The total number of extended days you believe you will need between June 17 and August 9, MUST be purchased in advance. Additional days may be purchased when needed but must be paid for in advance. 
    In addition, as children may not be left unsupervised on campus, a student will be directed to Extended Care when the child is dropped-off between 8:00am and 8:20am. Students remaining at school after the Dismissal at 3:30pm will be charged the daily rate for Extended Care. 
    During our 5-, 3- and 2-week programs, those children enrolled only in a morning program should be picked-up at 11:30am. There is no Extended Care in the middle of the day. Children remaining after 11:30am must be enrolled in Afternoon-Camp. Any student who is not enrolled in Afternoon Camp and is not picked up on time, will be taken to the Reception area at the front of the school and will be charged $15.00. 
    Extended Care is not available for students at our 21st Street campus. 

    Students enrolled in Primetime Sports in the afternoon must enroll in Primetime Sports after camps program.
  • Food Intensive, One-Week, grades 9-12 [CANCELED]

    This course has been CANCELED.

    Students explore topics surrounding agriculture, diet, and nutrition.   The course allows students to discuss socio-economic factors related to food, prepare fresh, healthy meals and investigate where food comes from, all while developing their scientific reasoning skills.  

    Instructor: Edward Peebles-Maxwell, Crossroads Faculty
    Course #: 782
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
  • Fun with Ashley and Friends, One-Week, grades 1-6

    Join the Hang Out crew for a fun filled full-day program in Fun with Ashley!  We will be participating in various themed activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, sports and games, and dress up days. 
    Coordinator: Ashley Nissim Bloom, Crossroads ES Afterschool Coordinator
    Course #: 325
    Section 46: 7/29-8/2/2019   M-F 9:00am-3:30pm $495
    "Time Traveling"

    Section 56: 8/5-8/9/2019   M-F 9:00am-3:30pm $495
    "Space Adventures"
    Space is very limited. Enroll early.

    Extended Care is available at Norton from 8:00a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Make a Movie: Guerrilla Filmmaking, One-Week, grades 7-12

    Come partake and celebrate filmmaking in this exciting, one-week Summer School video production class at Crossroads. Students, in five days, will learn how to write a screenplay using CELTX, a web-based professional screenwriting software, film a movie with digital film cameras and learn how to edit using iMovie or Final Cut editing software. In this fun and fast paced class, students will "draw" key cinematic elements, like a specific prop, a line of dialogue or the genre for their film, from "a hat." These elements must be a part of their film as they create and then screen their films at the end of the week. Learn film from the get-go, in this hands-on approach to digital gorilla filmmaking. Cinematic technique will be discussed on the first day and then the students will immediately be plunged into the world of creative movie making. An industry professional will watch and critique the films with the students to help provide insight and offer valuable insider information. 
    Instructor: Molly Hansen, Crossroads Faculty 
    Course #: 790 
    Section 12: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 12:30-3:30 $350
  • Robot Sports with Digital Dragon, One-Week, grades 2-6 [NEW] [CANCELED]

    This course has been CANCELED.

    Have you ever wanted to build your very own robot?

    In this one-week program, kids explore the evolving world of robotics, learning how to build, program, and perfect their very own robots.

    Using nothing but a box of LEGO EV3 motors and parts, kids design their own robots to first accomplish a number of challenges. Then they tinker, iterate, and perfect additional attachments and programs that allow them to compete against each other in games like soccer and more.

    Instructor: Provided by Digital Dragon and Staff

    Course #: 151
    Section 16: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-3:30 $595
  • Strategies for Success in High School, One-Week, grades 9-10 [NEW]

    So often students are overwhelmed by high school and how different it is from middle school.

    “How do I get everything done?”  “I forgot to turn in my homework.”

    This workshop gives students tools and key strategies for navigating and succeeding in their academic subjects in high school. Students put into practice the strategies through role-play (simulating an Algebra 1 Fun  class).

    Students also look at ways to achieve balance at school and at home.
    Some of the topics include:
    • Critical Thinking, What Is That?
    • Get Organized
    • Managing Distractions and Social Media
    • Studying Efficiently
    • Homework is For You, not your Teacher
    • How to “Manage” and Talk to Your Teacher
    • How to Prepare for Assessments
    • Managing Your Time

    Students are provided with a journal or they may bring their own journal or composition book to each session.

    Instructor: Cherylnn Pope, Crossroads Faculty

    Course #: 801
    Section 1: 7/29-8/2/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
  • Theater and Social Change, One-Week, grades 9-12 [NEW] [CANCELED]

    This course has been CANCELED.

    This theater intensive explores the theory and practice of creating transformational performance experiences. By playing traditional theater games, engaging in improvisation exercises, working within the actor-training method of SITI Company/Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, and drawing from Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed games for actors and non-actors, we create our own version of theater for social change. As a culmination of our time together, an audience of family and friends join us in a “playback” theater session, in which we invite them to share stories that we then enact. No prior theater experience necessary. Questions welcomed.

    Instructor: Alexis Poledouris '95

    Course #: 797
    Section 11: 6/17-6/21/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
  • Water Polo, An Intro to, One-Week, grades 2-7 [NEW]

    This one week half-day program is designed to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of Water Polo in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Activities include instruction and training in the basic individual fundamentals of water polo as well as position and situational (IE: Offense/Defense) specific training. Additionally studnets participate in fun filled water polo related games.

    Participants are divided into two groups:
    Blue Group: Kids aged 8-10
    Red Group: Kids aged 11-13

    All Participants must be able to swim one pool length (25 yards) front crawl w/ flutter kick, and tread water for 60 seconds.

    Daily Schedule:
    9:00am-9:20am: Drop Off
    9:20am-9:30am: Suit-up/Warm-up
    9:30am-10:30am: Individual Skill training

    Drills focus on: Swimming for water polo, ball handling skills (pass, catch, shoot), Offensive and Defensive positioning, and Position specific training. (Goalie, Defender, Center, Attacker)

    10:30am-11:00am: Snack Break
    11:00am-12:00pm Water Polo Related Games

    Games range from entry level skill games such as 5-Alive and Keep Away, to half-court and full-court scrimmages.

    12:00pm-12:15pm: Pick-up

    Partcipants should attend each session with their own bathing suit and towel. (Girls should wear a one-piece suit.) Goggles are recommended but not required. Campers should bring their own snack. (Please review Crossroads Summer School food policy.)

    Instructor: Larry Zubrin, Crossroads, Aquatics Manager and Aquatics Staff

    Course #: 370
    Section 61: 8/12-8/16/2019 M-F 9:00-12:00 $350
    *There is no extended care available for this week of program.

One-Week Programs in June, July & August

One-week intensives, workshops, camps and programs are offered during these sessions:
  • Session 1 June 17-21, 2019
  • Session 4 July 29-August 2, 2019
  • Session 5 August 5-9, 2019
  • Session 6 August 12-16, 2019
On campus food service is not provided during these weeks for Norton or 21st Street Campuses. Other details about carpool, pick-up, drop-off and campus tours will be provided after enrollments are processed.

Classes at a Glance

Before you enroll, please check the grids below for sold out and canceled classes.
Middle and Upper School: 21st Street Campus | 1714 21st St., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 829-7391
Elementary School: Norton Campus | 1715 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 828-1196
Summer at Crossroads is open to the public and provides progressive and fun K-12 summer camps, classes and programs.