Enrollment is now open. All classes listed are offered as online, distance learning. The campuses will remain closed to students throughout the summer.

As the School considers whether our two campuses will remain closed for the rest of the school year and in order to properly plan and provide robust summer offerings, we have decided to run the Summer at Crossroads program remotely for June and July. We hope that some courses requiring our physical campus (like aquatics and sports camps) can run on site in August.
We are happy to report that the majority of our current offerings will still be available remotely. All academic credit classes that are currently offered for rising Upper Schoolers will be converted to remote learning. This change also gives us the chance to be innovative and entrepreneurial in offering new courses. Running remotely will give families options they’ve never had before, and give our faculty the ability to be creative and deepen the learning experience in new ways.

Financial Aid
In an effort to support the socio-economic diversity of our summer student population, a limited number of financial aid awards are available to lower the cost of summer classes. Awards are made based on demonstrated need.

For current Crossroads students, financial aid is processed automatically. No additional applications are required. Families are to enroll by May 26 and indicate the student is currently receiving financial aid. Families will be contacted by the Summer Office with award details.
For NON-Crossroads students, we know that you are anxious to get the application process started. Please follow these steps:
  1. Complete this online application.
  2. DO NOT ENROLL or REGISTER for classes until you are contacted by someone at Crossroads. In most cases, this will take five days. Please be patience while we review your application. Once your application has been reviewed, we will reach out to you. 
Middle and Upper School: 21st Street Campus | 1714 21st St., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 829-7391
Elementary School: Norton Campus | 1715 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 828-1196
Summer at Crossroads is open to the public and provides progressive and fun K-12 summer camps, classes and programs.