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June 22-July 2 (Two Weeks, Grades 6-12)

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  • Digital Filmmaking Workshops, grades 6-12

    The videos that you’ve always thought about making are possible to create! Join us in this class to experience every facet of the digital filmmaking process. Learn how to take your idea from concept, to developing your story, to writing out dialogue for your characters, to shooting and editing your own movie. Understand the process like never before, and have fun doing it! You can shoot with your own film camera or use our DSLR’s or mini camcorders. All levels of filmmakers from beginning to advanced are welcome, as this program is tailor-made to your abilities.
    About the class:
    Students use CELTX, a web-based screenwriting software as they learn how to tell their individual stories by developing characters and writing their own screenplays. Students also learn to edit and score their films using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and iMovie editing software. 
    In addition, students watch and analyze films that demonstrate dynamic and creative filmmaking. They view award-winning films produced by both the big studios and the independent filmmaker and learn to critique them by having in-depth conversations about character and story.
    Finally, industry professionals from all areas will visit to share their knowledge and experience with the students. 
    Components Include:
    Production: concept to shooting, editing, viewing and discussion
    Screenwriting: creating your story, and writing the script
    Field trips: visiting major film studios and independent production studios like YouTube Space LA
    Film Theory and Discussion: discuss your own films and popular clips from movies, television, and the web
    Sample Weekly Schedule 
    Monday: 1-2pm film theory. 2-4pm writing.
    Tuesday: 1-2pm writing. 2-4pm film production. 
    Wed: 1-3pm. film production 3-4pm editing. (Or Field Trip)
    Thursday: 1-2pm guest speaker 2-4pm editing.
    Friday: 1-2pm watch weekly student projects. 2-4pm watch and analyze a Feature Film. 
    Course #: 714   - Two weeks
    Section 02: 6/22-7/2/2020 M-F 1:00-4:00 $800
    Instructor: Molly Hansen, Crossroads Faculty
    Course #: 714  - Three weeks
    Section 03: 7/6-7/24/2020 M-F 1:00-4:00 $1000
    Instructor: Gary Ellenberg, Crossroads Faculty
    School is closed Friday, July 3.
  • Jazz Music Workshop, grades 6-12

    This is our twentieth year of the Crossroads Jazz Workshop and it is bigger and better than ever! Our experienced jazz instructors have developed a five-week program designed to enhance the young musician’s knowledge and skills in the area of jazz music.  
    This program covers everything that jazz students need to learn including improvisation, style blending in an ensemble, sight-reading, ear-training, jazz theory, and jazz history. Students play in jazz combos and have instrument-specific sectionals.
    The ensembles perform at Third Street Promenade, at Disneyland's California Adventure and on campus at Crossroads. In addition, professional jazz artists are invited to hold master classes for our students. Previous clinicians have included Marcus Miller, Danny Gottlieb, Jeff Berlin, Peter Erskine, Tom Ranier, and Abe Laborial. 
    While the full-five-week program is recommended, we understand the summertime can be a busy time for a young musician. Three- and two-week options are now available. See below for dates and pricing.
    Jazz is alive and well at Crossroads, so come and be a part of it!
    Students should have at least one full year of playing experience on their given instrument and should have basic technical performance skills. No audition is necessary.
    Call Evan Avery at 310-582-4505 for specific questions regarding your child’s placement.
    Sample Week
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    1:00-1:15 warm-up and tune up
    1:15-2:15 rehearsal
    2:15-3:00 improvisation/theory workshop, Friday- sight-reading
    3:00-3:30 hang out with musicians
    3:30-4:00 recording analysis/video footage
    4:00-5:00 rehearsal
    Tuesday, Thursday
    1:00-1:15 warm-up and tune up
    1:15-2:15 rehearsal
    2:15-3:00 wind/rhythm section workshops
    3:00-3:30 hang out with musicians
    3:30-4:00 Tuesday- video footage, Thursday- Artist Showcase
    4:00-5:00 rehearsal
    Coordinator: Evan Avery, Crossroads Faculty
    Instructor(s): Crossroads Music Faculty and other professional musicians from the Los Angeles area.
    Course #: 725
    Section 05: 6/22-7/24/2020* M-F 1:00-5:00 $2200
    Five-weeks includes performance trips to 3rd Street Promenade and Disneyland's California Adventure.
    *1-year of elective art credit for students entering grades 9-12
    Section 02: 6/22-7/2/2020 M-F    1:00-5:00 $900
    Two-weeks includes the 3rd Street Promenade performance.
    Section 03: 7/6-7/24/2020 M-F   1:00-5:00 $1500
    Three-weeks includes Disneyland's California Adventure performance.
    School is closed Friday, July 3.

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