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June 15-26 (Two Weeks, Grades 1-3)

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  • Visual Arts and Ceramics; Barcelona Beach Party, grades 1-3

    This popular class has now been extended to a two-week, all-day program to provide those children who have an interest in the visual arts the opportunity to develop skills in ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Students experiment with traditional and non-traditional media including collage, watercolor, upcycling recycled materials, and textile design. Students have the opportunity to express their inner creative voice while learning techniques.
    One of the main artistic emphasis of this class is ceramics. Students build 3d ceramic forms. While learning how to make their pieces appear realistic, they carve and glaze their fired pieces.
    Visual Arts and Ceramics sessions are integrated with a theme and include individual and group projects that support learning and connections between the students. Three two-week sessions are available. The dates of the two-week offerings cannot be split up or changed.
    Instructor: Keely Collins, Crossroads Summer Faculty
    Barcelona Beach Party, grades 1-3
    In this returning Visual Arts and Spanish session, students are magically transported through our theme-based activities to the sandy beaches of Barcelona. Students plan a beach party and design different elements of the party like invitations and decorations. We’ll make ceramic dishes and realistic food sculptures. Spanish Language is woven throughout our activities and other art experiences in painting, collage and drawing.
    Course #: 120
    Section 12: 6/15-6/26/2020 M-F 9:00-3:00 $1200
    Enrollment deadline is Monday, May 18.

    Class sizes are limited.
    Enroll today.

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