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July 13-24 (Two Weeks, Grades K & 2-5)

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  • Beginning Enrichment - Entering Kindergarten at Any School [All-Day]

    This section is open to all students entering Kindergarten in the fall at any school including Crossroads.

    Our Beginning Enrichment Kindergarten program provides young children the opportunity to continue to grow in their own unique cognitive, social and emotional ways. Within the given theme, popular children's books are used to integrate activities in literature, social studies, science, art, storytelling, singing, and play.
    We attend thoughtfully to this transitional time between preschool and Kindergarten. Experiences in beginning reading, early writing and math development make this program a perfect summer bridge for the child with emergent skills.
    A t-shirt and a class photo are included in the fee.

    Down in the Dirt dig deep to uncover rocks, seeds and insects. Get your hands muddy and your feet wet while we learn about the water-cycle. Wiggle with worms, crawl with critters, and round up some rollie pollies. Examine roots and explore all that lies beneath the topsoil.
    Small group instructional swimming lessons (8 during this session) for approximately thirty-minutes are provided during the afternoons, Mondays through Thursdays.

    Instructor: Luis Arevalo, Crossroads Faculty
    Course #: 105
    Two Weeks
    Section 28: 7/13-7/24//2020 M-F 8:30am-3:00pm $1295
    Swimmers are tested and placed in groups of 3-5 kids based on their swimming ability.   Lessons cater to meet the needs of each individual swimmer. Our teaching philosophy includes creating a learning environment where students improve upon their overall swimming and water safety skills in a fun environment that encourages confidence and enjoyment in the water. Each group will be led by an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor who will be accompanied by an assistant instructor.

    Kindergarten All-Day Sample Daily Schedule
    8:00-8:20 Early Care
    8:20 K Classroom Opens-Parents Invited to Join Us
    8:45 Begin Goodbyes to Parents
    8:50 Circle Time & K Morning Program Begins
    10:00 Snack & Outdoor Recess
    10:30 Morning Program continues
    11:15-11:45 Swim Group 1 Swims
    11:45-12:15 Swim Group 2 Swims
    12:20-1:00 Lunch & Outdoor Play
    1:00 Cool Down/Meditation/Read Aloud
    1:20 Complete AM projects
    2:00 Open Centers
    2:15 Recess Outside
    2:45 Closing Circle
    3:00 Dismissal/Carpool or Later Extended Care

  • Visual Arts and Ceramics; Out in the Ocean, grades 2-5

    This popular class has now been extended to a two-week, all-day program to provide those children who have an interest in the visual arts the opportunity to develop skills in ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Students experiment with traditional and non-traditional media including collage, watercolor, upcycling recycled materials, and textile design. Students have the opportunity to express their inner creative voice while learning techniques.
    One of the main artistic emphasis of this class is ceramics. Students build 3d ceramic forms. While learning how to make their pieces appear realistic, they carve and glaze their fired pieces.
    Visual Arts and Ceramics sessions are integrated with a theme and include individual and group projects that support learning and connections between the students. Three two-week sessions are available. The dates of the two-week offerings cannot be split up or changed.
    Instructor: Keely Collins, Crossroads Summer Faculty 
    Out in the Ocean, grades 2-5
    This popular theme allows students interested in our oceans and marine life the chance to dive deep into this underwater world. Students build and glaze ceramic sea animals and carve marine life drawings on ceramic tiles. We’ll create digital underwater scenes. Additional projects may include, creating Coral inspired sun prints and sculptures made from recycled materials that bring awareness to environmental factors that are affecting our oceans and its marine inhabitants.

    Course #: 120
    Section 56: 7/13-7/24/2020 M-F 9:00-3:00 $1200
    Enrollment deadline is Monday, June 15.

    Class sizes are limited.
    Enroll today.

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